Monday, September 7, 2009

Skinny but Upright

He's home. He's skinny, but he's still standing.

All I can say is this - August '09 - what a s*!t show. Let's not do that again.

To those of you who have visited him at home since he returned on Saturday, thank you. He has enjoyed the company. To those of you who have sent flowers and food and cards, thank you again. They are all lovely and so very appreciated. Our visitors have been calling in advance and keeping their time with him short, as he tires quickly right now, but it is so good for him to have people with whom to speak about things other than how he feels, what he ate and how has he slept. A few of his pilot friends have called and I must say, he looks quite vibrant when he hears they are on the telephone.

We will be back at Dr. O'Reilly's office on Friday and the plan is to get Dad back on his chemo as soon as he is strong enough to handle it. I have high hopes, as does he, that he will be strong enough very soon. In the meantime, please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Yesterday was our 11 month anniversary - 11 months since he was diagnosed. He has been so strong and fought with such bravery - so much of his strength comes from the friends and family whose love feeds his will and fires his spirit. Thank you thank you thank you for loving him so much.



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