Friday, September 4, 2009

One Step Forward...

He's in...

he's out...

he's in again.

This is the Sloan-Kettering version of the Hokey Pokey.

Dad has had 3 surgeries in the past week (apologies for falling behind - things started moving too fast). He was released from the hospital the day before yesterday, but re-admitted last night.

He has an incision in his belly where the doctors looked at his colon.

He has a port for his IV, so they can stop shredding his veins with all his drips and treatments.

He has a drain in his tummy to vent fluid that has been pooling there.

He looks like one of my old rag dollies that has been torn and sewn and torn and sewn again... but only if he lifts up his shirt. The rest of him looks fine. A bit on the thin side (amazing how fast the weight drops off when you don't eat for two weeks), but otherwise fine.

Tentatively, the doctors are talking about releasing him tomorrow, but he's going to have to eat some solid food first. Actually, before he eats the solid food, he needs to take some liquids. I'm going to try to visit him this afternoon, if he's feeling up to visitors. I'll send him best wishes from the Blog.

Happy Labor Day to you all - may it be safe and healthy and lots of fun. I'm hoping Dad will be home and healthy enough to enjoy part, if not all of it.



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