Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update Again

Well. After 8 days of "wait and see," of "one more test," of "what about...," they doctors decided to give him the port for his IV so he doesn't have to deal with IV needles pricking the hell out of his arms. So they came for him at 10:45 this morning, packed him up and took him to the OR for his port. We expected him to be gone for around two hours, and sure enough, he came back two hours later.

Without the port.

Apparently, he waited for his turn in the OR, got prepped and got into the room and under the lights when the call came in: "WAIT!!!"

The surgical team, the medical team and the oncology team finally reached agreement.

And the heavens parted and the angels sang and there was great rejoicing for lo! There was to be surgery and it was to be on the bowel to remove the obstruction.

And suddenly, after 8 days of things moving at hospital speed (which makes glaciers look speedy in their progress), things started moving at autobahn speed. Doctors were bumping into each other in the doorway to the room. Consents were signed. Pulses were taken, questions asked, markers plucked from pockets and applied to the skin and then WOOSH! We were taken to the pre-op room and then VOOM! He was taken to the OR.

Which is where he is now.

And so... we wait.

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