Thursday, August 27, 2009


Dad was so much better today! He actually said, despite the discomfort of the incision, he feels "600% better" than he felt yesterday.

He spent the bulk of the day out of his hospital bed, sitting in a chair. He read the paper. He talked on the phone with friends. He lectured me on kids and work and priorities and the real estate market. He was happy and then grumpy and then happy again.

In the afternoon, he grabbed his IV pole and went back to walking. He did seven laps, which I think might have been too much (I don't want him to over exert himself) but when I started fussing and had a nurse take his temperature, he told me to go home.

And he said it with such an air of "don't mess with me, young lady," that I'm now on the bus on my way back to my family.

I'm completely nerve-wracked to be leaving him and Mom in the city tonight, but I'm also pretty confident that he is on the mend and in very good hands. He's not up to visitors, but the e-mails and phone calls and text messages have been wonderful for his spirits and for Mom's spirits too.

Thank you all!



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Eileen said...

Great new Connie. Send my love to your parents. If you Dad is like mine, grumpy means he's feeling better : )