Thursday, August 20, 2009

Further Update

He is sleeping now, which is good because he got very little rest last night and earlier today. It's also a great sign that he is able to get comfortable enough to sleep - that was most assuredly not the case last night.

The obstruction does not appear to have orginated with the lesion in the jejunum. It is housed in the small bowel (as opposed to him having a little obstruction of the large bowel, which is what my prior post could have been interpreted as saying). The medical team is hopeful that with lots of IV fluids and a bit of walking around, they will be able to get the blockage to clear without surgical intervention.

Their inclination at this point is to get him better and then do surgery to insert a port in his chest for his IV chemo. We've known that the port was coming; Dad's veins are getting a bit scarred up from all the chemo and it is becoming increasingly difficult and painful to get the lines inserted.

Mom just called - he is up, so I'm going in to see him.

More as and when.




Anonymous said...

Big hugs, Connie.


Anonymous said...

Hugs and many prayers from the Nelsens.